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International Society of Christian Apologetics

The ISCA fulfills a longfelt need to have an academically-oriented society that brings together conservative Christian scholars from a variety of fields engaged in the task of apologetics. Apologetics, from Greek (apologia) "to defend", is the discipline of defending a position (in our case the historic Christian Faith) through the systematic use of reason.

 The ISCA holds an annual meeting in the spring and publishes a printed journal.

The purpose of the Society is stated in the bylaws as:

"To foster scholarly discussion of ideas among evangelical scholars relevant to the defense of the historic Christian Faith in accordance with the Doctrinal Statement of the Society."   The Society also provides encouragement and fellowship for scholars across the disciplines working to underscore the truth of Bible-based Christian belief, as they seek to strengthen the Church in its task of upholding the Saviorhood and Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Upon receiving and considering a short presentation by first president, Dr. Norman Geisler on "Ten Reasons for the Historicity of the Resurrection of the Saints Passage in Matthew 27 and Six Reasons Why Denying the Historicity of this Text is Contrary to the ISCA Doctrinal Statement" (see www.normangeisler.com), the ISCA executive Committee voted a motion to go on record saying "we believe denying historicity of Matthew 27:50-53 is in conflict with ISCA doctrinal statement."

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