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Truth Amidst Tension

The Practical Apologetic Methodology of Francis Schaeffer
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The book this paper is connected to in its namesake, Truth Amidst Tension: The Practical Apologetic Methodology of Francis Schaeffer. The premise thereof, is that despite Francis Schaeffer’s apologetic having been considered by some to be one of the most significant contributions to the Christian defense of the faith in the Twentieth Century, in many ways, and rather surprisingly, the fine details of his methodology is still largely unknown by many in the Christian world. Some may know that Dr. Schaeffer is significant, but they may not realize how helpful he is. In this paper, the author takes time to connect the aspect of our conference theme to Dr. Schaeffer’s thought, then provided a summary of some of the relevant portions that relate directly to the book. Then, finally explains some new material that addresses our current cultural condition.


Dan Guinn

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