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Christ’s Death as the Perfect Sacrifice for Sin: An African Context

Culled from "The Uniqueness of Christianity: Presenting Jesus to non-Christians in Africa", pgs 100-8
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Sacrifice plays a central part in the traditional religions of Africa. Traditional Africans offer sacrifices as means to either obtain divine favour, to appease the wrath of an angry deity, as a means of fellowship, to prevent or avert impending doom, or for gratitude-sacrifices are offered for different purposes. There are also other types of sacrifices that are similar to Old Testament system of sacrifice: substitutionary, propitiatory, votive, expiatory sacrifice, etc. However, the supreme form of sacrifice in most African traditional societies is the human sacrifice-though this happens occasionally. Animals are mostly used for sacrifices. Human sacrifice is done when there is epidemic, death among young people in the community or other exigent rituals to be done. However, in this paper, the author explains why the sacrifice of Jesus the Son of God is the final, perfect and only adequate sacrifice for the sins of humanity.

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