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Six Big Problems With The New Apostolic Reformation

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The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) can be characterized as a postmillennial restorationist movement which seeks to restore the so-called lost office of apostle and prophet with the goal of establishing the kingdom of God upon the earth.  Six broad values and beliefs of the movement are evaluated in the following order: postmillennialism, restorationism, manufactured continuationism, reconstructionism, experientialism and pragmatism.  It is argued that postmillennialism is a weak biblical position and that NAR’s brand (“dominionism”) wrongly places the responsibility of the kingdom on Christians rather than God.  It is argued under restorationism that the office of apostle was never lost to begin with.  With manufactured continuationism, there is a forcing and a faking of spiritual gifts resulting in charismania.  With reconstructionism, Christians are precariously pressured to directly engage in warfare against the forces of darkness to restore dominion lost from the Fall.  With experientialism, experience is placed above the Word of God.  And finally, with pragmatism, attempts are made to justify NAR by its rapid growth, but this is shown to be a weak argument.  All six beliefs and practices are unbiblical and should be avoided along with the movement itself.

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