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Important Note Regarding Articles & Book Reviews

At our 2024 Annual Conference, the Executive Committee unanimously affirmed that the Journal of the International Society of Christian Apologetics does not and will not accept article or book review submissions from any institution as part of a doctoral degree requirement in lieu of writing a formal doctoral dissertation or D.Min. project.

Subscriptions & Previous Editions

ISCA members have full access to electronic copies of all of the JISCA volumes from 2008 to present when logging into the ISCA website. 

Volumes from 2018 to present are available through in softcover paperback print and kindle e-book formats.

Would you like to have your article or book review published?

We are receiving article submissions!

We are receiving article submissions for consideration to be included in the 2024 volume of the Journal of the International Society of Christian Apologetics (JISCA). 

Guidelines for articles and book reviews

  • Please submit your articles as Microsoft Word document in .docx format. If you send a PDF, please also send the Word document file as we have to convert PDFs to .docx, and the conversion does not always keep the same formatting as in the PDF. 
  • All manuscripts must conform to the Chicago Manual of Style. (See 
  • We are eager to publish scholarly papers written for a scholarly audience by experts in a wide variety of disciplines. While we are not interested in publishing popular-level articles, we also hope the level of writing is accessible to audiences who may not have expertise in the field of study being explored.        
  • We do not have a word count maximum in place for articles and book reviews. We do require, however, that the submission adequately covers its subject before submitting.
  • Content must be fully harmonious with the ISCA doctrinal statement and the creeds and documents that the statement points to as clarifying and expanding the statement. This includes an uncompromising stance on the authority, inspiration, infallibility, and inerrancy of the Bible. We want our journal to show the world not only that scholars who hold to biblical inerrancy are capable of great scholarship but that holding to biblical inerrancy is actually a boon to great scholarship. 
  • We are open to considering articles that have been previously published elsewhere. The author of the article is responsible for having the copyright holder email the editor directly, granting permission to republish the article.
  • The journal editor reserves the right to notify any academic institution that the author is associated with if an article submission contains plagiarized or content not authorized for reprinting.
  • Once the editor receives a submission, it will be prepared for blind review before it is sent to our peer-reviewer team. The peer review team decides which articles should be included in the JISCA. 
  • For further inquiries concerning manuscript content or journal policies, please contact the JISCA editor through our contact page and/or emailing journal*at-symbol*isca-apologetics*dot*org. 


About the Journal

The Journal of the International Society of Christian Apologetics is a peer-reviewed journal published annually with the support of the International Society of Christian Apologetics to foster scholarly discussion of ideas among evangelical scholars relevant to the defense of the Christian Faith. It includes articles from a wide variety of apologetically relevant fields, including philosophy, ethics, theology, biblical studies, history, and missions.





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