ISCA 2013 Conference Schedule

Friday, April 5

8:00-9:00          Registration

9:00-10:10        Plenary Session: Henry Morris III

10:20-11:40      Workshop Session 1

  • Conference Room A: Jeff Tomkins — Genetics and the historical Adam, part 1: The question of human-ape ancestry.
  • Conference Room B: Norman Geisler — Is theistic Evolution Compatible with the ICBI View on the Historicity of Genesis?
  • Conference Room C: James Wicker — Behold, the First Man: Adam in the Gospels.
  • Chapel: Lawrence Terlizzese — Law and Grace.
  • Small Room #130: Kenneth Samples — Evolutionary Creationism: A Biblical and Theological Appraisal.

11:40-1:00        Lunch Break

1:00-2:10          Workshop Session 2

  • Conference Room A: Phil Roberts — LDS View of Adam and Eve.
  • Conference Room B: Brandon Warren — Virtue Epistemology in the Gospels.
  • Conference Room C: Kirk R. MacGregor — The State of Islamic Textual Criticism.
  • Chapel: John Ferrer — Amputees in the Image of God.
  • Small Room #130: Dan Guinn — Francis Schaeffer and the Historical Adam.

2:20-3:40          Workshop Session 3

  • Conference Room A: Suresh Vythylingam — The Theory of Evolution as Being Inconsistent and/or Unreliable to Challenge the Truth of the Historic Adam.
  • Conference Room B: Terry L. Rathman — Distinct Nucleotides of Adam (DNA) is Implied by the Scripture and Confirmed by Comparisons of the Genomes and Cognitive Abilities of Adam’s Descendants with other Creatures.
  • Conference Room C: Ken Wolgemuth — Radiocarbon: A Tool for Age-Dating Early Human Bones.
  • Chapel: Frank Crawford — Do Miracles Happen Today: Yes, They can be Affirmed by the Spontaneous Remission and Spontaneous Regression of Physical Disease?
  • Small Room #130: Jason Karch (Reader- John Wilsey) — Epistemic Virtue and the Reasoning Process in St. Anselm of Canterbury.

3:50-5:00          Workshop Session 4

  • Conference Room A: Donald Williams — Promethean Faith? Faith and Fact in Fiction and Reality.
  • Conference Room B: Nathaniel Jeansen — “Genetics and the historical Adam, part 2: The question of time.
  • Conference Room C: Bill Roach — Cross-Currents in Contemporary Bibliology and the Historical Adam.
  • Chapel: Tim Adkisson — The Adam of Mormonism: How it affects their beliefs and practices.
  • Small Room #130: Adam Tucker — Revenge of Objectivity: Preunderstanding, Presuppositions, and First Principles.

5:00-6:45          Dinner Break

6:45-7:30          Business Meeting

7:30-9:00          Plenary Session: Walt Kaiser

Saturday, April 6

8:30-9:40          Workshop Session 5

  • Conference Room A: Rick Wade — Forensics and Faithfulness: Defense in the Context of the New Testament.
  • Conference Room B: Harvey Solganick — The Ethnicity of Abraham: Jewish Race, Nationality, and Identity.
  • Conference Room C: Fazale Rana — Who Was Adam? An Old-Earth Creationist Model for the Origin of Humanity.
  • Chapel: Jack Greenoe — From Nothing to Babel: The Ethics of Creation.
  • Small Room #130: Trevor Slone — The Glorification of Moral Evil Through the Character of James Bond in the Movie Skyfall.
  • Probe Room: 

9:50-11:00        Panel Discussion

11:10-12:00      Closing Plenary Session: Mary Jo Sharp