2011 ISCA Annual Meeting Schedule

Friday: April 29, 2011

8:00-9:00 AM Registration

Ledford Center Lobby

9:00-9:20 AM Welcome

 Ledford Center Lobby

9:30-10:10 AM Breakout Session 1

Patterson 101 – Mark Liederbach
Deontological Virtue Ethics

Patterson 107 – Trevor Stone & Winfried Corduan
The Necessary Axioms Argument

Patterson 111 – Jake Pratt
Content, Context and Construal: The Role of History in Biblical Interpretation

Patterson 112 – Grayson Greco
Apologetics and Its Role in American Politics: A Brief Glance into the Issue

Patterson 119 – Randy Everist
God’s Moral Justification in Creating the Actual World

10:20-11:00 AM Breakout Session 2

Patterson 101 – John Wilsey
An Historical Survey of Religious Freedom and Its Significance for Evangelicals

Patterson 107 – Bill Roach
Mental Representationalism And The Philosophy of Language: The Relationship Between Epistemology And The Linguistic Turn

Patterson 111 – Dayton Hartman
A Presuppositional Response to the Problem of Evil

Patterson 112 – Jonathan Six
Considering the Natural Law: Immanuel Kant, A Case Study

Patterson 119 – Ronnie Campbell
The Concept of God and the Problem of Evil

11:10-11:50 AM Plenary Session 1

Ledford Center Lobby – Dr. Bruce Little
God and Gratuitous Evil

11:50 AM-1:30 PM Lunch Break

1:30-2:10 PM Breakout Session 3

Patterson 101 – Donald T. Williams
A Tryst with the Transcendentals: C.S. Lewis on Beauty, Truth, and Goodness

Patterson 107 – Rich Holland
Evil, Real Life, and Apologetics

Patterson 111 – Thom Provenzola
Trans-World Depravity & J.R.R. Tolkien’s Conception of Evil

Patterson 112 – Scott Coley
On Skeptical Theism and the Epistemic Status of Moral Belief

Patterson 119 – Kirk MacGregor
Logical Constraints on Divine Prevention of Gratuitous Evil

2:20-3:00 PM Breakout Session 4

Patterson 101 – Bruce Little
Francis A. Schaeffer: Apologetics and Intellectual Honesty

Patterson 107 – Tawa Anderson
The Apologetics Matrix: A Theoretical Framework for Applied Apologetics

Patterson 111 – David Baggett
Seven Distinctions in Theistic Ethics

Patterson 112 – Ted Rivera
The Problem of Good: The Chasm between Good Doctrine and Good Practice

Patterson 119 – Terry Mortenson
The Fall and the Problem of Millions of Years of Natural Evil

3:10-3:50 PM Breakout Session 5

Patterson 101 – Norman Geisler
A Defense of the Greater Good Theodicy

Patterson 107 – Mark Foreman
Challenging the ZEITGEIST Movie: Alleged Parallels between Jesus And Pagan Mystery Religion

Patterson 111 – James K. Dew, Jr.
Anthropological Constitutionalism and Christianity: An Analysis Kevin J. Corcoran’s Materialistic Perspective

Patterson 112 – Terry Rathman
The Role of the Laws of Physics in the Problem of Evil and Suffering

Patterson 119 – Michael Travers
Praeparatione Evangelica: Some Contours of C. S. Lewis’s Apologetics

4:00-4:40 PM Plenary Session 2

Ledford Center Lobby – Dr. Paul Copan
Primeval Sin: How Evil Emerged in a Very Good Creation

6:00 PM Dinner 

7:00 PM Presidential Address

Ledford Center Lobby – Dr. Phil Roberts

7:45 PM Business Meeting

Ledford Center Lobby – Dr. Phil Roberts


Saturday: April 30, 2011

8:30-9:10 AM Breakout Session 6

Patterson 101 – Mark Liederbach
Christocentric Creation Care

Patterson 107 – Donald T. Williams
Lacking, Ludicrous, or Logical: The Validity of Lewis’s “Trilemma”

Patterson 111 – Nick Peters
Evil Goes Pop: What Popular Culture Can Show us About Evil

Patterson 112 – Tawa Anderson
Academic Freedom and the Vow of Scholarly Obedience in Voluntary Religio-Philosophical Organizations: The Test Case of John Dominic Crossan

Patterson 119 – Thom Provenzola
Beauty & Truth: The Role of the Affective Capacities in Forming True Beliefs

9:20-10:00 AM Breakout Session 7

Patterson 101 – Paul Chamberlain
Why Christianity is Not the Root of Evil: A Christian Response to Claim that Religion Breeds Violence

Patterson 107 – Dewayne Bryant
Did an Egyptian Write the Pentateuch?: Evidence in favor of Mosaic Authorship

Patterson 111 – Cris Putnam
The Doctrine of Man: A Critique of Christian Transhumanism

Patterson 112 – James Patrick Holding
God’s Prime Directive

Patterson 119 – Chad Meister
Divine Hiddenness: Some Reasons Why the Elusiveness of God Does Not Demonstrate the Absence of an Omnibenevolent God

10:10-10:50 AM Breakout Session 8

Patterson 101 – Jack Greenoe
May the Better Man Win: The Importance of Ethics in the Creation-Evolution Debate

Patterson 107 – D. Scott Henderson
Pragmatism and Death

Patterson 111 – Larry Lyon
The Common Grace of Beauty

Patterson 112 – Michael Willenborg
The End of Arguments from Evil and Various Other Atheologica

Patterson 119 – B. J. Mauser
The Doctrine of Double Effect and the Problem of Evil

11:00-11:40 AM Panel Discussion

Ledford Center Lobby
James K. Dew, Jr. (Moderator)
Paul Copan
Bruce Little
Chad Meister
Norman Geisler